Banana Fish


Cosplayer dressed as Ash

This is one of the saddest shows I've ever watched. I sobbed at the end of this show for real. This show was an experience. So many people died it was crazy. This show was mainly about 2 guys, Ash and Eiji. They meet in New York when Eiji comes with a reporter guy he knows.(I don't know if he like worked for him or not but it's not important) They came from all the way from Japan to do a report on Ash and his gang for some reason. It could be because he was the youngest gang leader ever, he was only 17 after all. So Ash and Eiji meet for the first time, but during this meeting they get attacked. Oh no! AAhhh! Since they are getting attacked Ash sends eiji and a young boy character called skip to run away, but they get caught at their exit and get kidnapped. Ash also got kidnapped. What a lovely first meeting. You can watch the show yourself to see what happens. I don't want to spoil everything. Also if you do want to watch it I recomend that you do not look up any of the characters because their WILL be big spoilers.

Ash Lynx

He is a 17 year old gang leader. He has pretty much been abused his whole life. Multiple people have tried to kill him. It doesn't get much more glamorous than this folks. He is a pretty chill person suprisingly, and extremely smart. A lot of people are scared of him though since he is so hardcore. He really knows how to handle a gun lets just say that. The amount of times he gets kidnapped is suprising honestly. He is strangley afraid of pumpkins...pfftt. That is kind of funny considering he gets into so many knife and gun fights. Pumpkins of all things.

Eiji Okumura

Eiji was a pole vaulter before he came to New York, but something happened and he couldn't really perform anymore. He is kind of a shy guy, but he is really nice. He and Ash get really close pretty quickly. He was very desprate to help Ash, but sometimes he might have been more of a hindrance. Not all of the time, but maybe a couple of times. He was from Japan so guns were foreign to him, he obviously didn't know how to use one. He and Ash were certainly very different.

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