Black Butler

Cosplayers dressed as Ciel and Sebastian

This show has pretty dark themes. I mean it is about a 13 year old who made a deal with a demon so it makes sense. I found this show funny. There are funny moments in the show. I won't spoil them though so don't worry. This show has everything from demons to grim reapers to conspiracies. It is great. This is one of the first animes I ever watched to be honest. I remember watching it in 4th grade and loving it. It played a pinacle part in my anime watching journey, so it does hold a special place in my heart. There is no specific plot. Ciel basically works for the queen of england by helping her solve mysteries or whatever. They mainly help with murder mysteries and stuff like that. Other than that it is mostly just witty banter which I love. I'm excited to talk about some of these characters!

Ciel Phantomhive

He is a 13 year old noble boy who's parents died in a tragic fire accident.(don't worry thats not spoilery you learn that early on any way) He made a contract with sebastian to get revenge on whoever caused the fire. He does not believe it was an accident. He basically has full control over sebastian and what he does. He does normal noble people things like take all of those special classes like fencing or whatever. He is even engaged to a girl named Elizabeth. He looks really frail like a porcelain doll. He has a pretty cold personality, like he doesn't play around at all. He is a pretty interesting character in my opinion.

Sebastian Michaelis

He is a demon. Fun. All he really cares about is getting to eat ciel's soul. He can perform impossible feats, cause he's a demon. I know that is pretty obvious, but still. He does everything for Ciel. He is responsible for keeping him safe until he eventually dies. He does basically everything around the manor. He is a fantastic cook. He makes really good tea according to Ciel as well. Then again he is good at everything. I don't what else to say about him.

Here is a list of some of the characters!

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