Attack On Titan

Cosplayers dressed as multiple of the AOT characters

This show is so crazy. It's about a civilization that lives behind walls to keep the titans out. The whole world has been taken over by titans. Everyone has to live together behind 3 walls that get smaller as you go inward. The really powerful live in the center and the poor people live more on the outskirts. They have to fight the titans off to survive. People have to join the "military" I guess you would call it to protect everyone within the walls. They have to go to the training regiment to train and then they could either end up as part of 1 of 3 groups 1.The garrison 2.The scouts or 3.The military police. A lot of people want to become a part of the military police because they stay in the inner wall. Not everyone can be a part of the military police though. Most people are just scared of getting eaten by titans, but Eren wants revenge. There was a titan invasion where he lived, and one of the titans that came in ate his mother. Eren desperately wants to join the scouts so he can kill titans. He wants to kill then all. He finds out it's not that simple though. I'll leave you on that fun little cliff hanger.

Eren Jaeger

Eren is the main character of the show. He wants to join the scouts to eradicate all of the titans to get revenge for his mom. He also wants to be able to see the outside because these people have never been outside of the walls. He has never seen the ocean or anything like that. That is insane. He goes thrpugh a lot in this show. This show is honestly really grim. He has been in so many near death situations it's not funny. The idea of getting eaten is not fun I would imagine.

Mikasa Ackermann

Mikasa was orphaned when a couple of guys came and killed her parents. The only reason she survived is because Eren helped her. Now she hepls Eren survive. She was the top person at the training corps. She is very strong. She does have a pretty dull personality though. She isn't my favorite character but she is cool.

Armin Arlert

Armin is a very meek guy. Often mistaken for a girl.(in real life not in the anime i don't think) He is pretty much the brains of the operation. For what he lacks in strength or dexterity he makes up for in intelligence. He is our group strategist. Poor Armin can't fend for himself at all, at least at the begging. He does get a little better over time. I'm suprised he has lasted as long as he has honestly. Like how hasn't he died yet?

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