The Promised Neverland


The Promised Neverland book cover

The Promised Neverland. A very disturbing show. When i first watched it I had no clue... boy was I in for a ride. It is about an orphanage except the orphanage is a FARM. When the kids get "chosen" they arent going to a family, oh no, they are getting EATEN by monster demon things. I flipped out when i first watched this. Not to mention how creepy the "caretakers" are. All of the kids call the "caretakers" mom. We only see this 1 orphanage but there are MULTIPLE of them. If you are faint of heart or like children you probably shouldn't watch this, but that is up to you. What happens though is some of these kids find out what is actually happening. Obviously they freak out, so they start making a plan to escape. Emma wants to take the whole orphanage. which is crazy because that is so many kids not to mention there are literal babies. Yeah this whole show is a ride, but it is really good if you like dark things.


Emma is very extroverted. She is also very intelligent. She is always smiling and having a good time playing games with the other kids, but then she finds out what actually happens to the kids when they get sent away. Her whole perception of life changed. She has to pretend to be the same when in actuality she is freaking out inside.At least shes not alone. She has her 2 best friends Norman and Ray.


Norman seems like a chill guy. He is also incredibly smart. He is in the same boat as Emma. He has to work with her and Norman to get out of this terrible place as soon as possible. He may seem calm and collected, but I would bet a lot of money he was scarred by what he had witnessed. It's hard to get the mental picture of a scene like that out of your head. They all just need a hug... really REALLY badly.


Ray is a pessimist lets just get that straight. He does not seem like the kind of guy to be cheery... at all. As you would guess he is also super smart. He is lucky to have friends with his attitude, but I think Emma and Norman could be friends with anyone to be honest. He is lucky to have friends like them. He kind of looks emo though with how his hair is styled, and it doesn't help that its black. It's not a bad thing it's just that he kinda looks depressed.

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